4 Places To Go And Things To Do While In New York

If one sits down to write all the things to do in New York City, the list will truly be endless. No one can deny the truth. After all, the Big Apple is a city that never sleeps. It is the city where dreams come true. The hustle and bustle of the place throbs in the very bones of any person who visits it. A piece on www.travelpulse.com calls New York a magical place to be when the first snow of winter begins to fall.


Yes, winter is a mystical time for the city. But when it comes to touring the city, any season is just about perfect. Here are four places that are a must visit in New York. From classic oldies to modern movies, Times Square has been depicted in all of them. The place should be on the bucket list of every person of any age. More like an outdoor mall, Times Square gives you access to a candy wonderland and Broadway within few miles of each other. For children, the sixteen-story Hershey’s store is the attractions.

For the more sedate tourist, the dancers and actors of Broadway are the enticements. For the shop lovers, the innumerable sparkling lights of the biggest brands are the allure. Don’t feel like being part of a human centipede? Feel like enjoying a bit of serene nature? Then Central Park is the place for you while visiting New York. An oasis of green in an otherwise crowded city, the park is not just a place to stroll and enjoy the sights but also recreation. From row boating to statue climbing, there are N numbers of opportunities for adults to enjoy.

For kids and teenagers, the zoo, the carousel, playgrounds and ice skating rink make the perfect getaway. The icing on the cake, when you get tired you can go picnicking right at the park! Both Times Square and Central Park are places where tourists abound. If you are one of those souls who love to fly under the radar, the Palisades Centre and the City Park Foundation are meant for you. The Palisades Centre is counted as one of the largest malls in the nation. It has more than four hundred stores to entertain any person who walks in.

It has not only a movie theatre but also an IMAX. Bowling and ice- skating are just two of the things the mall offers a visitor. Ferris wheel and carousel make it heaven on earth for kids. The City Parks Foundation events are another place children enjoy. The organization holds events that are free for everyone. From concerts to puppet show to even educational programs meant to increase awareness in kids, the foundation plans them all. Attending an event lets you enjoy the great outdoors and also the show.

New York has infinite places to go and things to do. It has a feel that is not replicated anywhere else in the world. It has an ambience that stays with you, forever. It has the perfect combination of joy and adventure.

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