8 Reasons To Include Valet Parking For Your Business


If you are running a business, the major issue that you will be faced is whether to include valet parking for your customers. valet parking in Austin is a growing industry and insiders at www.hospitalityandcateringnews.com say that it has turned to become one of the biggest industries today. Surprised? Not if you go through these benefits it has for your business.

Provides Parking Options
If you own a restaurant in the heart of the city, you will understand that parking is one of the primary concerns of your customers. Most of the times, their decision to dine at a particular restaurant is based on whether there is a valet parking facility on the premises. With this option, your guests are assured of a safe place for parking their vehicles, and they do not have to worry about the possibility of parking it elsewhere.

Safety Matters
Surveys conducted revealed that customers chose a restaurant or other shopping establishment based on the availability of valet parking in their premises. It is natural to worry about the safety of the vehicle and the risk of it being towed away or damaged by weather conditions. Addressing their concerns, a valet parking option is a good idea and helps you connect better with your customers or business partners.

Symbol Of Societal Status
Incorporating valet parking is a good strategy to attract a certain section of the society. It is mostly associated with sophistication and elegance, and with this simple service, you have won the hearts of the crème de la crème of the society. Your business will earn the reputation of having a pleasing atmosphere. This goes a long way if you intend to create a prestigious brand.
A restaurant with a valet parking facility is a sure sign for guests and visitors about the high level of dining experience that your restaurant offers.

Creates Lasting Impression
The first impression is undoubtedly the best and the last. With a good valet service, firstly your guests are welcomed with a warm smile. This is a cue for a good quality customer service and creates a positive impression on their mind. Secondly, and not the least, your customers enjoy their experience in your restaurant and will step in knowing that all logistical issues have been handled.

No Financial Investment Required
One of the key benefits of offering a valet service is the lack of any investment. Your customers will bear most of the costs, from tipping the parking attendants to the chauffeur. This takes care of their additional wages, and your patrons are glad to pay for this service since they know that their car is safe inside.

If you are running late for a meeting with a client, you can drop in at the venue, hand over your keys to the chauffeur, and make your way inside. You are saved from the task of finding a vacant parking space and rushing to the venue in a tearing hurry.

Less Stress-
You no longer have to circle the parking area like a hungry shark or wait until someone makes way for you. With a valet parking option, you can drive-in straight to the venue, knowing that your car will be parked safely.

There is immense relief in knowing that the parking attendants will guard your car. Leaving your vehicle unattended on the road or near a garage can cause miscreants to damage the vehicle.

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